Archive for Month: June 2016

  • Grass Cutting – 8 Visit Schedule Returns

    You and I have shown our concern over the grass cutting schedule again this year and I’m pleased to advise that our voices has been heard and a review has now taken place by the cabinet member responsible. I’m therefore very pleased to see that cabinet have listened to all our complaints and have authorised…

  • Vagrant Update – Banning Order Served

    The vagrant that has been bedding down in the Park Farm area of late and seen to be trying car doors and looking into houses, was served a new type of notice on Friday banning him from residing on the embankment area. If he does not move on the same legislation that is used used…

  • Don’t Panic – Street Number Sign Disappears

    Don’t panic. The street number sign at the bottom of Brodsworth Road has been removed and has gone to be repainted. I requested a survey last year and the work started in Kedleston Road. Going forward, embossed number signs will be scheduled for repainting when deemed necessary.

  • Devolution – Have Your Say

    The government is talking to councils across the UK about devolution. Please have your say. Devolution is when certain powers and responsibilities are transferred down from central government to a particular region. This could mean that more important decisions are decided locally rather than being imposed by government. Decisions on things like housing, transport and…

  • Persimmon Meeting Feedback

    We had a very positive meeting tonight with Persimmon regarding the need asap for a footpath link from Park Farm through into Cardea. We’ve outlined where it needs to go and they’ve agreed to consider our suggestions and report back at the next meeting.

  • Cardea Community Sports Association Pavilion Opening Ceremony & Fun Weekend

    I’m delighted that our MP Shailesh Vara has agreed to come along and officially open this fantastic facility for everyone in our ward.