Alert! Vagrant seen trying car door handles in Brodsworth Road.

vagrantAlert! Vagrant seen trying car door handles in Brodsworth Road.

Please ensure your vehicle and homes are secure. Our visitor has escalated his anti social behaviour by bothering walkers on the green wheel and now trying car doors at night.

I appreciate that the weather has been wet and he’s likely looking for somewhere dry but this can’t continue and we must sort his welfare or crime will surely soon be the outcome. I was promised action last week by the neighbourhoods team but this obviously has had no effect. I have now called on the police and neighbourhoods to take action tonight and/or tomorrow.

He’s well known and has been offered help many times already but then just returns to living rough. I’ve had another worried resident contact me this evening (12th) to advise that not only was he trying car doors yesterday, he was going right up to houses and looking into front rooms. While I am, as are many of you, concerned for his welfare, this nuisance behaviour can’t continue. If he won’t accept help this time then I have no choice and will push for a banning order.