Anaerobic Waste Plant – New Application Submitted 16/00080/MMFUL

Say NO 1

The expected new planning application has now been validated to erect an Anaerobic Waste Plant at Horsey Toll Farm under planning number 16/00080/MMFUL so expect to see new signs on lampposts and letters from the planning office soon. As ward councillor I have requested all objections received to the previous application including the petition are carried forward and applied to this new application. Please though if you didn’t write in before, or you have more to add, take this chance to do so.

Latest – I’ve received some limited information so far from the planning office. It may be open to legal challenge if the original objections and petition are used because new supporting information has been submitted by the applicant particularly in the form of an Environmental Impact Assessment although legal clarification is being sought on this. 167 letters have been sent out but I think it wise not to wait but to encourage everyone who sent in objections before to send in an objection to this new application if you wish to do so. If the petition is deemed inadmissible for the same reason then we’ll go again, we must show we will do all we can to prevent this application receiving permission. More as and when I hear it but please don’t wait, get them objections in again.

I’d like to make it absolutely clear that I am predetermined as to my view on this application and therefore as the current Chair of the Planning Committee will, when the case is heard by committee, stand down as Chair for this item and exercise my right as a ward councillor to address the planning committee.