Anaerobic Waste Plant Latest

As previously advised we have now entered the stage where planning officers seek reports from a multitude of different advisory bodies such as the environment agency and highways etc so it may seem quiet but a lot is going on. I’ve received several reports and noted myself on walkabouts that work is going on in the area proposed for the waste plant and further that word was getting around that a new road was about to be laid into the farm. This has understandably caused some concern that the building has started in advance of permission being granted.

I therefore requested the planning case officer to make a site visit to check out what exactly was going on.

The case officer reported that bore hole sampling was taking place, a requirement of the EA application, and that National Grid were carrying out some work on their gas plant but this was not connected to the application and no building work had started. Personally I find the amount of work National Grid have been doing in the area just too much of a coincidence despite their denials of any connection to the application.

The developer was also contacted to confirm that no actual building work was intended and an assurance has been received that none will take place before the application has been decided. We need to watch this carefully because if it does start I will call for an immediate stop order to be served. It would be fair to assume an increase in traffic during such land investigation work and as this is a working farm, during the approaching harvest.

Please keep watching the council websites for updates on the applications as they come in from different bodies and remember you can personally write to the planning office with any comments and objections you have to any of these reports.

An interesting development 

An extract from a letter received by Peterborough Planning Office from Mr Morrison the Senior Planning Consultant for the developer, now claims that the production of electricity to the public network originally proposed in addition to bio gas, is in the opinion of National Grid no longer viable due to capacity reasons. This move I suggest is a clever attempt to reduce the level of screening required.

“Further information has since been provided to the Council (Peterborough City and Cambridgeshire County) clarifying that following due consideration by National Grid there is no longer capacity for the electricity generating element to be connected to the public distribution network. The proposals will therefore purely generate bio gas for the grid network the electricity will be purely used on the site. Peterborough City Council have requested, seconded by Cambridgeshire County Council, an opportunity to re screen the proposals in light of this fresh information, specifically with regard to revising an opinion on the relevant sub section of schedule 2 that the proposals may fall to be considered under”.

Something fishy going on here. 

Now the trees are dying off after digestate spill in June

As you know I am in touch with other campaign groups set up to campaign to close down or oppose the building of anaerobic waste plants in areas that could affect residents and the environment. I reported back on a serious digestate spillage in June that found its way into a local watercourse destroying all aquatic life. Well now the dire effects on the environment have taken another terrible toll but this time on the trees in the area.


Dying Trees 2
It kills everything in its path
Oak Trees being killed by the effects of this poison
Oak Trees being killed by the effects of this poison
Just how many years will this area be barren?
Just how many years will this area be affected?

Why in our case, the developer continues to gloss over the fears of residents and the catastrophic effects that such a spill can have on a watercourse by assuring us at the public meeting that it won’t happen to their plant when a more suitable site away from both would likely be unopposed defeats me? Clearly being so close to the main gas pipe is the only reason to site this most unsuitable facility so close to us and greed is the driving force.