Anaerobic Waste Plant – Public Consultation

Public consultation . . Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK . . 08.06.2015

More than 150 residents from Park Farm, Cardea, Stanground, Kings Delph & Whittlesey packed into the main hall at the school last night to hear a presentation and put questions to the Envitec representatives and both Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Planning Officers in attendance.

Feedback after the at times understandably heated meeting strongly suggested that no one was convinced that this plant would not pose real risk to our health, safety and enjoyment of the area and my considered opinion is that this is a clear case of ‘profit over amenity’.

It was agreed by those in attendance that the next stage was to arrange a meeting in order to set up our campaign group and coordinate the future direction. I have therefore arranged this for next Monday 15th June from 7pm-9pm at Heritage Park Primary School in the main hall. If like me, you want to fight against this application and work together to try and stop it as a community, then please come along.

Peterborough City Council has now received the same planning application because part of the site and the access road is within the Peterborough Authority Area. It is vitally important that you also submit your comments to Peterborough Planning Office via letter or email to ref 15/00842/MMFUL

I will be requesting to address the Peterborough Planning Committee in my role as ward councillor.