English Votes for English Laws

Imagine this scenario.

The Scottish Parliament votes to reduce income tax in Scotland, but then Scottish MPs come to Westminster and vote to increase income tax in England.

You don’t have to think for long to realise how unfair that would┬ábe.

That’s why Conservatives are committed to bringing in English votes for English laws.

Under our plans, English MPs will have an effective veto over legislation – including income tax – that only affects England.

This is a fundamental issue of fairness – and we need your support.

It is not right to have Scottish MPs voting on laws and parts of budgets that only apply to English voters without the consent of English MPs.

Labour, though, are looking to fudge this important issue and cheat English voters of their democratic rights.

They are more interested in their own political self-interest than taking the right long-term decision for our country. Just as with their economic policies, all they can offer voters is chaos and confusion.