Budget Conversation 2015/16 – have your say

Peterborough City Council has seen its government funding cut by nearly 40 per cent in the five years up to the end of 2015/16 – that’s £44million.

The budget proposals documents set out the two sets of budget proposals that will be considered by Cabinet to ensure Peterborough City Council has a balanced budget for 2015/16.

Budget Conversation – phase two

The city council published its phase two budget proposals on Friday 9 January 2015, the phase two budget proposals are available to download below. These proposals explain how the council will save a total of £8.2 million to balance its 2015/16 budget.

Phase two budget proposals – January 2015
(719KB, 41 pages)

The phase two proposals will be considered initially by Cabinet on Monday 19 January 2015. The full agenda will be available to view a week before the meeting.

Following the meeting on 19 January we will be asking people to comment on the phase two proposals as part of a second round Budget Conversation. Further details regarding this will be announced in due course, however once again people will be able to complete an online survey or collect hard copies of the document from libraries and Town Hall and Bayard Place receptions.