MP’s to debate banning parking on pavements in England & Wales

Blocked Pavement
Negotiating a parked car forces this mother to walk into the road with her child in the buggy

Finally MP’s are going to debate this national issue.

Parking on pavements and causing an obstruction presents a real safety risk to many of us particularly children & the elderly, disabled people, those with a visual impairment and parents with buggies when an inconsiderate driver leaves a vehicle in such a way that the only way around it is to walk into the road. Just look at the picture; how can this be right?

Only this week I again (3rd time of asking) specifically requested the police adopt parking on pavements in our ward as a priority at the neighbourhood panel meeting, but they decided they didn’t want to, thus confirming my belief that the panel meetings have over the last couple of years, become police led rather than community led which was the whole point when we set them up about 6 years ago and still how it worked when I resigned the chair after my 3 year term.

The police were only allowed to advise at these meetings, the decision as to what the priorities were being made by the elected councillors (who are elected to represent their ward after all) and the public in attendance. I have contacted the new chair about this with my concerns and hope this will be changing very soon or I will be challenging the Inspector and Police & Crime Commissioner for a review.

London already has a law against parking on the pavement and its high time we had the same in Peterborough and I’m really pleased as one who has lobbied for some action on this to finally see MP’s are going to debate this issue. I have suggested that should we not be able to ban it completely then we should clear up any confusion as to what constitutes an obstruction and legislate that a width of 1 metre (about 3′ 3″) of footpath must be maintained to allow safe passage.