Gypsy & Traveller Emergency Stopping Places – Latest

Thank you for all your letters, emails and calls.

At Full Council on 17th December during Council Business Time a question was put by Councillor Brian Rush (Ward Councillor for Stanground Central) to Councillor Hiller, Cabinet Member for Planning and Housing Services as follows:

“The cross party advisory group identified Caxton Court off Coneygree Road, Stanground as a potential location for a Traveller Emergency Stopping Site. This site was scored as the 8th possible site on the list.

“In the criteria it says that no sites would be picked if it was close to built up areas, playgrounds or other recreational sites.

“Could the Cabinet Member tell me why this site scored so highly when it is in a built up area, at the bottom of residents gardens, close to allotments and next to an open play recreation area and will this site ever be recommended by officers for an Emergency Stopping site?”

Councillor Hiller responded that the cross-party advisory group had looked in detail at 75 different locations across Peterborough, from which their recommended short-list was established. This short-list was based on the criteria relevant at the time the group considered the locations, and the three sites initially proposed and accepted by this council would still be the three uppermost in that process today.

Councillor Hiller further advised that it was always his intention and direction in creating the advisory group nearly three years ago for it to remain live and therefore able to revisit any of the current and short-listed sites should local topographical, demographical or other relevant circumstances change or facts relevant to the initial recommendation be brought to his or the groups attention which would indeed warrant a re-evaluation.

Councillor Hiller assured the council that given the points raised by Councillor Rush that the matter would be discussed with the Chair of the cross-party advisory group to determine if the Coneygree Road site should be referred back to the group for consideration to be given as to whether it should be at the short-list position it currently is.

Rest Assured. Your Stanground Conservative Councillors are united on this. We will not allow it to happen.