You can now recycle even more in your green bins

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Even more items can now be recycled in your green bin

Residents can now recycle even more materials in their green bin as Peterborough City Council aims to increase the amount of household waste recycled in the city.

Half of all waste collected from Peterborough residents’ homes in 2013/14 was recycled. But thousands of tonnes of rubbish that could have been recycled were still sent to landfill. Increasing recycling rates will save the city money, as it is much cheaper to process recycled materials than it is black bin waste. Money saved through increasing recycling can then be spent on those in Peterborough who need help. To encourage more recycling, Peterborough City Council is increasing the range of items that can be put in recycling bins. Residents can now put the following in their green bin:

  • Household plastic packaging – including tubs, trays, pots and punnets
  • Carrier bags
  • Plastic film
  • Aluminium foil
  • Aluminium trays

Materials still need to be rinsed before being put out for collection.The city could save an estimated £380,000 every year if residents recycled just ten per cent more than they do currently. Over five years this could save Peterborough almost £2 million, money that could be spent on vital services. That £380,000 could be used to employ six educational psychologists, eight extra social workers or provide 24 additional special school places.The council is encouraging residents to recycle this new range of materials alongside the bottles, glass, cartons, food tins, drink cans, foil, aerosols, paper and cardboard that should already be going in people’s green bins.People are reminded black landfill bins should only be used for household waste that cannot be recycled, reused or composted.

Polystyrene, black bin bags, used nappies, shredded paper and tissue paper should be put into this bin as they cannot yet be recycled.

Textiles and old clothes cannot be recycled in green bins but can be donated to charity shops across Peterborough.

Using ‘Hungry Harry’ food waste caddies can also save the city money, as it means less waste needs to go to landfill. People can put any food waste in their grey caddies including fish, meat, poultry, bones, bread, egg shells, peelings, dairy (no liquids), tea bags and coffee grounds. Residents can wrap food waste in newspaper if they’ve run out of bio-degradable bags.

All details on how to increase recycling rates can be found at This includes details on free textile and small electrical collection, bulky waste collections and the Household Recycling Centre.