Community Payback Team Complete Work

The Community Payback Team hard at work last weekend in our community.
The Community Payback Team hard at work in our community.

I tasked the Community Payback Team to serve community service time helping tidy some areas in our ward.

The shrubbery on entry to Park Farm Way was in need of some serious pruning work and the metal railings a repaint.

This would have cost over £1000 had the council’s contractor been used to do the work so after having secured the paint, brushes and wire brushes from recycle centres and the rest from local donations the team have completed the pruning and repainted the railings for free.

While on the subject of crime and punishment I recently received a report from the police regarding Fletton, Stanground & Woodston that showed an increase in burglary in Stanground and a wish to continue to treat the scourge of illegal mopeds on the green wheel as ‘business as usual’.

I’m not at all happy with this and wrote to the neighbourhood police sergeant and panel chair as follows:

“I note from the presentation that substantial efforts have been made to curtail the nuisance of mopeds and motorcycles using the green wheel for which I and the residents of Stanground East thank you. However, I am unhappy at the suggestion to downgrade this serious and consistent anti social problem to what will effectively be ‘business as usual’.

“The green wheel runs around the rear of the entire Park Farm area and continues to be a real problem, indeed this is the issue I receive most complaints about. While the situation has improved somewhat since the end of the school holidays, it is still a regular occurrence and several near misses have occurred of late, something that when challenged only results in a string of abuse to those using the footpath and cycle way in a lawful manner.

“I would urge the committee to consider very carefully before removing this as a priority because sooner or later there will be a serious and nasty accident or even an affray because someone decides to take matters into their own hands. The residents are thoroughly fed up and angry and the focus on eradicating this problem must in my opinion, continue.

“Further, I note from your report that incidents of burglary are reported as up in Stanground, although as Stanground East is not shown separately I can’t see exactly where in Stanground the problem actually lies. Please therefore can you supply answers to the following questions?

1. Please clarify if there is any particular rise in crime in Stanground East Ward and if so where it is?

2. What is the detection rate against the crime figures you have produced?

3. What actions are being taken to address this rise?”

The chairman kindly read my email out at the recent panel meeting and I now await a response from the police.

11th October – Latest from the Police

Please note the new panel priorities

  • Crime prevention in Stanground focusing on Burglary and vehicle crime.
  • Cherry Tree Park and surrounding area’s, ASB, alcohol and drug offences.
  • Motorbikes on the green wheel. We are still continuing with enforcement, working alongside partner agencies for a long term solution.

We have recently arrested two people in Stanground for Burglary, the investigation is still ongoing.