Ward Walkabout Update

I was accompanied on this morning’s ward walkabout by representatives of the┬ácouncil’s contractor Amey. We walked the whole ward looking at those areas identified by your feedback as in need of attention and we also inspected those areas where we’ve had problems in the past. I also met with Cross Keys in order to confirm areas they are responsible for under adoption in order to get something done about a particular couple of areas in Delph Court.

The whole ward looks extremely good this year on the whole despite the budget cuts that had to be made. Grass and hedges had all generally been well attended bar a few areas needing another cut and is on the whole, improving year on year. It was also good that there has been no repeat of the graffiti under Horsey Toll Bridge. Its a year now since we last had it all painted out!

Fly-tipped sofa at the bottom of Fen View……..do you know the culprit?

Sadly though, we still had to find one lazy, couldn’t care less about anyone else, idiots fly-tipping of this black leather sofa and a bin full of rubble along the green wheel to the rear of Fen View. If you know who the culprit is please let me know. I’d be more than happy to have enforcement pay them a visit. Remember, apart from being illegal, fly-tipping is also against tenancy agreements so if the culprit is identified and found to be a social housing tenant, they could also face eviction.

We’ve also lost a large section of another willow along the riverside. This will also be made safe.

Strong winds over the weekend have brought another riverside willow down along the green wheel
Strong winds have brought another riverside willow down along the green wheel

Thank you for your suggestions and concerns and please remember you can report problems directly yourself using the new Peterborough App (see below) the Fix My Street Website, by calling the council direct on 747474 or of course you can send me an email or give me a call. If you do report direct and are not happy with the response then I need to know.

Watch out for the community payback painting project due to start very soon in the ward……..more on this once I have the dates confirmed.