Our Election as Deputy Mayor & Deputy Mayoress of Peterborough

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Our Official Photo

I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all my family, friends and colleagues for all the lovely messages of congratulations on my successful election last night to the office of Deputy Mayor of Peterborough. I am very proud and honoured to be given the opportunity of supporting the new Mayor David Over as his deputy in our great city and so very proud that my wife Rita is Deputy Mayoress and will be supporting the Mayoress Jackie Over.

I would particular like to thank Cllr Seluca for proposing me and for delivering such a lovely biography and Cllr Hiller for seconding me so eloquently. Many thanks too goes to the Conservative Group and all those other councillors from outside the Conservative Party who voted for me last night.

Being born in Peterborough I am very proud of our city, I have grown up here and have watched it change in so many different ways and sometimes not always for the better, but I’ve also worked all over the UK including London and Milton Keynes and I strongly believe our city is a great one and something all of us should have the passion to help grow and  thrive rather than simply knocking it. I’ve spent much of my life volunteering in Peterborough and believe volunteering is at the heart of our city so I’d encourage anyone thinking of getting involved in any way to do it, you’ll not be disappointed and it’ll make you feel really good about yourself. Sure we are experiencing a very difficult financial period which will again mean we have to make some very tough decisions in the next budget, but so is the rest of  the UK and its clear we are bucking the trend with the second largest growth in the country, a reported huge leap in average earnings, a terrific public realm investment which has led to most of our shops in the Town Centre now being full, and more and more exciting investment is coming into our city with the new Skills Centre at the POSH ground, the new Waitrose store currently being built, the Bourges Boulevard Improvements which will make our city so much more friendly and open when arriving by rail, along with some very exciting plans for the South Bank and North Westgate.

To support the new Mayor is a true honour and I have sworn duly and faithfully to fulfil my duties to the best of my judgement and ability.