Election Day – You Made It Count

Congratulations to my Conservative Councillor colleague Brain Rush who was re elected with an increased majority this year in Stanground Central Ward. Indeed of the additional 500 people who voted in the ward, 250 (50%) voted for Brian.

Brian’s record of selfless hard work speaks for itself and I’m glad local residents have shown their faith and trust in him for another term.

At the door residents just don’t trust Labour with the economy or that they can deliver in local council, indeed I have heard of members of the opposition stating that it is easier to be in opposition and they wouldn’t want to form an administration while times are so hard. This just goes to show that they only want to run the council when its easy and not when difficult decisions have to be made due to their shear incompetence with the economy last time they were in government. They haven’t learnt any lessons and are just not fit to govern locally or nationally.

Although its true to say that in the European vote all parties received a ‘bloody nose’, you the people have spoken and its up to the government now to listen. It was great to see that we kept our 3 Conservative MEPS in Europe, something we’ll need if we are to keep control of our own country’s affairs now and in the future when it comes to our promised referendum. Remember…….ONLY the Conservatives can promise you a referendum in 2017.