Task & Finish Group – Parking on Verges

photo 8
Typical verge damage in Brodsworth Road

A Task & Finish group is being convened that will look into cases of verge damage across the city and it is hoped will recommend that it is outlawed and subject to parking enforcement measures and reinstatement costs.

The unsightly mess left by those who obviously don’t care about the damage they are causing or the danger to other road users when they deposit mud onto the road, which is already illegal, and the resultant cost of reinstatement currently being met by the tax payer is unfair and its high time something was done to make this illegal.

I know this annoys a lot of you therefore I have pledged my full support to the group and submitted more than a dozen photos of damage across our ward.

Areas of damage I’m aware of and have submitted photos to the officers are

  • Park Farm Way x 5
  • Brodsworth Road x 2
  • Coneygree Road x 3
  • Kingston Drive x 1
  • Ellwood Avenue x 1
  • Framlingham Road x 1