Burger King Latest – Application Refused

Horsey Way Service Station

Residents opposed to the application will now be delighted to know that on hearing all the evidence and considering the weight of local opposition to this application, the planning committee decision today was to refuse permission for the inclusion of a Burger King takeaway in the Horsey Way Service Station because of the likely severe effect it will have on local amenity.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who was involved in the campaign especially those who put the time in to collect signatures for the petition, delivered the leaflet drops, allowed the use of their home for residents meetings, personally sent in letters of objection and made the effort to attend the Town Hall today to show their support for our opposition and address the committee alongside me.

Clearly though, those who wrote in support of the application did not feel they needed to show the courage of their convictions as they failed to turn up to address the committee themselves.

I’d like to remind all those residents affected by this that only I as your ward councillor and my colleagues in Stanground Central came out to support your opposition to this. The Labour Party spokesman didn’t see a problem, because he felt jobs were more important, even blogging a question on a social network site asking “who’s up for coming out with a petition in favour?” and the last Independent to run for election last year in Stanground Central thought jobs and cheap petrol were far more important than residents concerns. Even the Liberals weren’t interested even though trees were at risk. Normally they’re the first to object at even the thought.

I hope you’ll remember this when they come calling at the next election wanting your vote.

Please follow this link to the planning page for the latest news.  http://chrisharper.yourcllr.com/planning/