Park Farm NHW expelled from the NHW movement

Residents of Stanground & Park Farm should be aware of the expulsion of Park Farm NHW from the movement early in January 2012 due to continuous unsavoury, inaccurate and libelous website postings aimed at members of the community.

After an investigation, the scheme was de-registered and its membership number withdrawn in January 2012 by the County NHW Executive advising

The Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Executive Group, as the recognised and elected body of Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, unanimously voted to withdraw recognition of Mr Julian Bray as a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator and it has been decided to remove his name from the Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Registration list that is kept in association with the Cambridgeshire Constabulary and to remove his NHW Scheme registration number.

The Executive Group viewed that his gratuitous and denigratory criticism of local city councillors and community workers was unacceptable to Cambridgeshire NHW and that it was bringing the name of Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch into disreputeĀ.

Previous members who have advised their home insurer they are in a registered scheme should contact their insurer and update them without delay.

I also raised concerns regarding the failure to follow the published constitution of Park Farm NHW. An annual general meeting of members (item 17 below) and annual financial accounts (item 19.3 below) were included in the constitution but both failed to take place in September 2011, this was particularly hypocritical of the chair Mr Julian Bray, having previously publicly lamented another association for allegedly not following their constitution.

A huge shame after all the hard work put in by members and the awards we won in the first 5 years before I handed over the chairmanship.

Sections taken from the Park Farm NHW Constitution


Section 17. The Committee shall call an Annual General Meeting of the Association each year in the month of September.

Section 19.3. the Committee shall present the accounts of the Association for the previous year;


Section 24. Notice of all meetings where required shall be posted on the internet namely the PFNW blogsite, and shall be made available for distribution to members addresses and shall include the date, time and place of the meeting and an agenda of matters to be discussed.